Thank you, Rose, for meeting the kids as individuals. Thanks for translating their interests and wayfarings into homeschool-evaluation-speak. Thank you for your interest in their lives and their humanity. ~M.V., Calais, Vermont

Rose Friedman

In 2011, I received my MA in Education from Goddard College, with licensure in Early Childhood Education. My master’s thesis was a study of de-institutionalized models of education, including a sociological survey of Vermont homeschoolers. Since then, I have written end-of-year assessments for the Department of Education; worked as a children’s librarian; formed a homeschool co-operative with other families; volunteered as a community organizer; and continued my study of education and child development.

I live in East Hardwick Vermont, where I am a performer and producer with Modern Times Theater and Vermont Vaudeville. I run a small homestead with my performing partner/husband, and we homeschool our kids, Charlie (5) and Jo (10). I was born in New York City, but moved every few years throughout my childhood, attending both public and independent schools, as well as international schools while living abroad. I received my BA in Literature from New School University, and moved to Vermont in 2003 to work with Bread and Puppet Theater.